At KM Business Hub we are passionate about taking care of the environment by helping our clients reduce their environmental footprint.

And that is why we are proud to be a Konica Minolta Authorised Dealer.

Konica Minolta’s products are focused on the environment and sustainability and include several eco-friendly features.

As an example of this the new range of colour Konica Minolta multifunction printers features an Eco Meter. Information on toner and paper savings is displayed on the Eco Meter, making it easy to assess environmental contributions by device, department and user.

Konica Minolta office devices can also be programmed in the ways shown below to ensure they use resources responsibly:

Duplex: Double-sided printing and copying

N-up: Positioning of a selected number of pages on one sheet

Combination print & copy jobs: Combining print and copy jobs can reduce paper and energy consumption

Print preview: Precise preview function on PC screen with XPS Print Preview Driver to prevent printing errors

Proof print: Produces a single test page, or set of pages, to check for mistakes before printing or copying the whole job

Blank page removal: Prevents blank pages from being printed

Overlay function: Enables letterhead printing; if changes are made, the stored file is updated quickly and easily, avoiding large quantities of pre-printed company stationery

Public box: Stores public documents needing to be updated frequently, allowing easy access and editing before large quantities are printed

Personal box/Follow-me printing: Collecting print and copy jobs in the personal box avoids jobs from being printed that are not eventually picked up; follow-me printing also avoids frequent reheating cycles

User & Cost Management: Central software that calculates print costs and notifies users of the costs incurred as a result of this particular print job using a pop-up window; this can increase user's awareness of print costs, and prevent careless or non-ecological print behaviour

Contact KM Business Hub today to find out how we can assist your company in reducing your environmental footprint.

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