How to cut office printing costs

Print is often in the top three business operating expenses behind rent and salaries, yet most companies don’t know how much they spend on print or even how many printers they have.

While your office printer may be an indispensable business tool, do you really know how much it costs your business? .

Cutting your office printing costs can save your businesses thousands of Rands annually.

Luckily there are ample ways to cut printing costs without compromising on quality, accessibility, or performance.

Here is KM Business Hub’s advice on how to do so:

Review your fleet

Many businesses have more printers than they need. This can be inefficient and costly. By reviewing your printer fleet, you can consolidate and streamline the number of devices you have, ensuring you’re not paying for machines that are seldom used.

Implement rules

Most modern printing solutions let you impose rules on users that can dramatically reduce the cost of printing. Defaulting to black and white, double-sided printouts can save both toner and paper. Furthermore, restricting the number of pages each user can print may encourage them to think more carefully about the documents they print out, reducing the amount of printing they do.

Implement pull printing

People often print out documents they don’t really need, then leave them sitting on the printer. Worse, they print out sensitive or confidential documents, then forget to pick them up. This wastes paper and creates a security risk that could lead to an information breach. By requiring users to enter a PIN or swipe a card at the printer before their documents print out, wasted paper can be dramatically reduced and security gaps addressed. That’s because jobs are only printed when the user releases them and is standing at the printer, ready to pick them up. So, documents aren’t left sitting on a printer for anyone to see, and people don’t print out jobs they forget to pick up.

Cutting your office printing costs can save your businesses thousands of Rands annually

Monitor printing

Don’t be one of those companies that doesn’t know how much it spends on printing. You can’t measure what you can’t see; by implementing a managed print services program that includes comprehensive monitoring, you can see where your business spends the most on printing and, therefore, where you could make big savings. Complete cost transparency includes a breakdown of print usage by individual, department, or printer.

These are just a few of the ways you can cut the costs of printing in your business. Contact KM Business Hub today to find out how you can slash costs and improve efficiency in your business.

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