Digital technology - the future of label printing

One of the biggest challenges label printers faced in the past was not being able to do short to mid-long run print jobs.

However digital printing is set to change this and label printers who fail to take the new innovations in the label print industry seriously could find themselves not only struggling to keep up with competitors but also lose out on new revenue possibilities.

That is why Konica Minolta’s Accurio190 should be a serious consideration for label printers who want to become innovators in this ever-changing industry.

This digital label printer opens up countless new opportunities for printers and can help KMBH-customers compete more efficiently in this competitive industry.

By allowing label printers to capitalise on the short-run market - a sector that has traditionally been difficult and expensive to enter with analogue label technologies – they can now also print small volumes of labels. And with flexibility being one of the biggest advantages of digital printing, label printers can now go after smaller demographics and run different versions of their labels based on specific holidays or promotions.

This is only one of the countless examples of how digital printing can unlock a variety of new marketing opportunities as well as revenue possibilities for your company.

Other advantages of the Accurio190 is:

· No pre-coating of media is required

· Outstanding quality and reliability

· Inline and offline finishing capability

· Easy to operate

· Solid design and small footprint

The Accurio190 can also be used for a myriad of applications including:

Photographic image quality: Realisation of stable, high image quality by multi-gradation data processing and an expansive colour gamut.

Gradations: Abundance of gradation expressions to achieve a natural finish.

Thin-line expression: Thin lines in complex line images are also faithfully reproduced at a high resolution of 1200dpi.

Small-point characters: Small characters are also vividly printed to ensure ease of reading.

Barcode printing: Small barcodes can also be printed without blurring. Variable barcodes can also be printed.

Reproduction of skin tones: Roughness of the skin can be suppressed to reproduce richly-textured human skin tones.

Solid density: Solid black areas with high image density can be expressed with a suitable glossy appearance.

Contact KMBH today to find out how the Accurio190 could help your business unlock new revenue possibilities.

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